Mr. Kobayashi is a senior partner at EnerStrat Partners, a firm that provides consulting advice in the broad real estate space. He has spent over 7 years as a real estate CFO with two private firms, worked as a pension fund consultant and also spent over a decade in the securities field as a macro securities analyst for several futures firms.

Our Guest Speakers

Bob IaccinoBob Iaccino
Host & Co-Founder, PureXposure Growth Series, The Stock Think Tank, Path Trading Partners
Mike ArnoldMike Arnold
Chief Technical Strategist, Path Trading Partners
Jim IuorioJim Iuorio
Managing Director of TJM Institutional Services
Scott ShelladyScott Shellady
Founder of Market Compass LLC
Scott BauerScott Bauer
CEO of Prosper Trading Academy
Amelia BourdeauAmelia Bourdeau
Founder of Market Compass LLC
Carley GarnerCarley Garner
Senior Commodity Market Strategist and Broker, Stocks & Commodities Magazine Columnist, Contributor, and Author
Todd KobayashiTodd Kobayashi
Senior Partner at EnerStrat Partners
Phil StreiblePhil Streible
Chief Market Strategist at Blue Line Futures
Bill BaruchBill Baruch
Founder and President of Blue Line Futures and Blue Line Capital